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In the last decade we have seen exponential growth in the Internet use of the younger population in Central and Eastern Europe. Eurostat data shows that while in 2004 an average of 22% of users aged between 16-24 used the Internet every day in the countries where the Allegro Group is present, in 2012 this number was 78%. If you look at the youngest users, 75 % of 6 to 17 year-olds in Europe were reported by their parents to be using the Internet in 2008, according to Eurobarometer. This is certainly consistent with my experience as a parent. We all agree that the future lies with our children, and that it is necessary to ensure a safe environment for them online.

The Hungarian Media Council recently launched an initiative aiming to ensure a safer Internet for children by recommending a revision of current laws on Internet security and an increase in self-regulation, with a focus on parental control programmes, content classification, notice and takedown, authentication, and data protection. Whereas creating a more secure online world for young people is a topic that is dear to the regulator, the initiative is also fully in line with the objectives of the Allegro Group, which recently introduced several innovations to make its services safer for children.

That is why the Allegro Group has prioritised contributing to the development of the initiative through consultations with the rest of industry. As a major proponent of the initiative, the Allegro Group also invited other eCommerce companies in Hungary to join the consultations and discuss the introduction of proven safety solutions that can provide considerable confidence to decision-makers. Such discussions are a good opportunity for the entire industry to address the regulatory issues which are so important to all of us and to help us shape the future of the Internet as we would like it to be.

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