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Counterfeiting is bad news for everyone, bar fraudsters. Consumers are exposed to inferior or dangerous products, brands lose their value and online platforms like Allegro risk their reputation as trustworthy marketplaces. Although legal instruments to prevent IPR infringements, such as the IPR Enforcement and E-Commerce Directives, exist at EU/national level, they can be complemented by… » read more

Posted by Daniela Borlea

In this post we argue that the debate on the EU’s proposed General Data Protection Regulation is unhealthy: that ‘fundamental rights’ are used as a shield to avoid real discussions on practical implementation, that wild assertions are made about the economic effects of privacy rules, and that European industry’s views, when not dismissed as those… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

The Road to Nowhere

  Could EU data protection rules ultimately thwart the Juncker Commission’s digital ambitions?   The Juncker Commission’s flagship Digital Single Market Strategy, in the words of former DG CONNECT Director-General Robert Madelin[1], is “focused, ambitious, and risk-taking”. Indeed senior European Commission officials will acknowledge that in implementing the DSM, the Commission is going to have… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

Google Under Fire

So it finally happened. Yesterday the European Commission announced it had sent Google a Statement of Objections (SO), accusing it of abusing its dominant position in search to unfairly give advantages to its comparison shopping service, Google Shopping. This is obviously hugely important. As I have argued here before, the outcome of this case has… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

By Silvia Romano   Those watching the Data Protection Regulation (DPR) can breathe a sigh of relief now that EU Ministers have reached an agreement on a number of critical provisions of the proposal. However, more work remains to be done to achieve a robust and clear legislative framework which can effectively address the challenges… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

Broken Promises

In the beginning was Yahoo. I am old enough to remember the days when Internet access was via dial-up modem, with its distinctive sound, and when finding things on the Internet required using Yahoo’s Web Directory. Looking for things thematically, in a hierarchically organised index, seemed logical and easy at the time. Anyone with a… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

Apparently, Commissioner Almunia continues to face sustained pressure from within the European Commission to reach an acceptable settlement to the Google competition case. Since publicly confirming on 5th February that he intends to accept Google’s latest round of proposals, representatives from within the Commission have expressed grave concern about the speed and prematurity of this… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

Justifiably controversial

According to international media reports, a large number of European Commissioners currently oppose Vice President Almunia’s proposed settlement with Google in the battle over its abuse of dominant position in search, highlighting that there are still a lot of concerns and issues to address before the European Commission can reach an acceptable settlement. While this… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood

My readers may be surprised to learn that a company with no operations and no significant dependence on data processing subcontractors in the USA has a strong view on a transatlantic agreement that allows European companies to send customer data to that country. But we do. The agreement is called the Safe Harbor, and essentially… » read more

Posted by Laurens Cerulus

Choice and a fighting chance

The European Commission’s investigation of Google is a game of high stakes for European consumers and the European Internet economy – consumers have grown accustomed to getting real choice in search results, and many thousands of businesses depend on Google for traffic. We hope Google will not drop the curtains on the fantastic period of… » read more

Posted by Chris Sherwood